House of Mirrors opens in Rosalind Park

House of Mirrors is a fascinating walk-through installation composed of a labyrinth of seemingly endless mirrors.


Created by Melbourne installation artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney, House Of Mirrors focuses on the darker side of altered perception playing with themes of uncertainty, thrill and paranoia.

Constructed with forty tonnes of steel and fifteen tonnes of mirrors, the bare basics, open to the elements installation relies on precise geometry and spatial design to lose yourself in endless reflections. No added gimmicks, no special effects and no special lighting. The primary ingredients are carefully arranged mirrors, geometry and pure optical illusion.

House Of Mirrors brings an authentic sense of amusement – a thrilling blend of delight and fear.

Getting out is an art.


7 – 30 April

Open daily

2 – 9pm
Last entry 8.30pm

Easter Friday, Saturday & Sunday

10am – 10pm
Last entry 9.30pm

*Weather conditions may affect opening hours.


Tickets available only at
House of Mirrors ticket booth
in Rosalind Park.

All Tickets $10

Under 5 over 80 free

*No discounts apply


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